Meet the Judges

2020 Cybersecurity Impact Awards Judges

Bruce Brody Headshot

Bruce Brody

Resident CISO, Proofpoint Federal, and 1st Cabinetlevel Federal CISO

Mike Denning

Principal, Blu Venture Investors, LLC

Naomi Eide Headshot

Naomi Eide

Senior Editor of CIO Dive and Cybersecurity Dive

Alison Ermellini Headshot

Alison Kidd

Managing Partner and Co-founder, GroCyber

Dr. Daniel Ford Headshot

Dr. Daniel R. Ford

1st Source Bank CIO; MACH37 Mentor

Megan Gates Headshot

Megan Gates

Senior Editor, Security Management

Melissa Goldgate Headshot

Melissa Goldate

Founder, THRAXOS

Bob Gourley Headshot

Bob Gourley

Co-Founder and CTO, OODA, LLC

Ted Hengst Headshot

Ted Hengst

Principal at PTH Ventures, LLC

Sean kelley Headshot

Sean Kelley

Executive Vice President, Unissant

Kathie Miley Headshot

Kathie Miley

Chief Growth Officer, Cybersecurity Collaborative

Philip Reitinger Headshot

Philip Reitinger

President and CEO at Global Cyber Alliance

Bud Roth Headshot

Bud Roth

CEO, Digital Maelstrom Consulting; MACH37

Ramesh Sepehrrad Headshot

Ramesh Sepehrrad

Author, Speaker, Board Member & VP of InfoSec Ops Risk, Navy Federal Credit Union

Roselle Safran Headshot

Roselle Safran

Founder & CEO, KeyCaliber